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ymmat09 's place

9 February
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like to write for own enjoyment but have never shared it. I would like to work towards sharing it here but will take my time. I enjoy an easy going lifestyle and do not like drama in my real life but it's fine in tv or books. Have kids( mostly grown) very lucky as they are all good people.
My journal is mostly a reflection of the fan fiction I've read or the tv shows that I like. Occasionally, I expect I will use it to ramble (I'm a good rambler). I plan to post stuff here and if anyone happens upon it they are welcome to read it, however, I won't post anywhere else for awhile because all you people are just too good and I'm intimidated. I figure this way not too many people will see what I write and that will allow me the time to improve and at the same time get used to letting people see what I write. One thing is for sure, I never worried about my grammar when I was the only one seeing it. Semi colons and commas drive me crazy. I know I'm messing them up.