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cm ch 4 if you go out in the woods today..

title:            If You Go Out in the Woods Today....ch4
pairing:            JJ and Emily
rating:            17yrs   
summary:                      JJ and Emily working separate cases and personal and
            professional problems get in the way
disclaimer:        I do no own these characters or the show in any way shape or form
a/n            I know it's been a long time but hopefully I'll get this done on a consistent basis.
 Elizabeth nudged her horse forward as the path narrowed.  Glancing back at her daughter,
she frowned. Emily had been distracted all morning. Clearing her throat she pointed to a building
on the rise.  Emily squinted and eyed her mother in puzzlement.

" You're building a log cabin on your property? Are you going all Granny Clampett on me Mother?"
Emily smirked.

" Very funny. It's for you."  Elizabeth smiled.

" Me?" Emily frowned, "Why?"

" You obviously hate staying under the same roof with me. I thought you might prefer the privacy of your own
little getaway."

" A log cabin?"

" It's isolated, very private. Nobody would even know you were here. Including me." Elizabeth explained.

" Gee, imagine that." Emily frowned.

" Perhaps you and - your friend could come here. You.."

" There is no friend Mother. Stop fishing."

" Emily, I just thought.."

" Stay out of my personal life Mother."

" I'm your mother Emily."

" So what? You think that gives you license to choose my partners? Buy them off?!"

" So you spoke to Gwen." Elizabeth sighed.

" How dare you pay off my girlfriend!!"

" You were a girl. She took the money."

" You aren't even denying it!?"

" It is ancient history and your taste back then was horrendous. Everyone could see she was trouble
but you."

" She was my mistake to make. How dare you try to screen my dates!"

" Jennifer is lovely. I won't interfere. I think she 'll be good for you. Ms. Jareau is smart, charming really."

" JJ is my colleague!"

" I know you better than anyone else. You've been interested in her from the first day at BAU."

" I can't believe I'm having this conversation with you!"  Emily scowled swinging down from her horse.

" You love her. Don't you?"

" I'm warning you, stay out of this! I'll pick my own girlfriends."

Elizabeth raised an eyebrow then smiled with amusement. She may not be a profiler but Emily had not
denied her observation.  Elizabeth glanced at the almost finished cabin. She knew she was right. Her little
girl was in love. The cabin was almost complete. All that was missing was Agent Jennifer Jareau.


JJ snapped her cellphone shut and looked across the parking lot lost in thought. Strauss wanted to see
her now. With a frown she knew her remarks the previous day had gotten under Strauss's skin but it
was no reason for a tete a tete. Sighing she walked to her rented car and got in. The blonde didn't notice
the individual sitting in their car. Nor did she note she was being followed when she pulled out. JJ was
completely unaware that she was totally vulnerable. As she hurried into the building, the man flipped open his own

" She's even prettier in person. Oh, I think she is definitely deserving of our attention."

Strauss hung up the phone and eyed Jennifer silently. JJ uneasily waited. Finally, the older woman gestured
to a seat and JJ sat down. The blonde didn't offer a hello. Neither did Strauss.

" I just got off the phone with Agent Hotchner. He's a bit concerned that you are working here in Maine."

" Oh." JJ said uncertainly. She wasn't exactly sure how she was supposed to respond.

" He wants you to join your team on their case."

" I see."

" I told him you would join them in a day or two. You're needed here."

JJ nodded trying not to show her disappointment.

" Agent Hotchner wasn't happy either Agent Jareau but fortunately, neither of you is in charge."

" I- "

" There's been another death. We are apparently going for another walk in the woods."  Strauss frowned.

This case was not moving. They knew no more than they had three days ago. Porter
was getting nowhere. The press were out for blood. Every headline screamed for The Archer to be caught. Grimly
Strauss knew they had made him into a cult figure and made their own job ten times harder. She'd never admit it but Jareau had been right and it galled her that the young woman had anticipated this mess.

" We'll be leaving in ten minutes. You might want to lose the heels Agent Jareau." Strauss said dismissively.

Once alone, Strauss pulled out the envelope and withdrew its contents. A picture of a young girl, no more than 25
stared back at her. The letter had arrived that morning addressed to the FBI. He was taunting them now. Strauss
closed her eyes and sighed heavily. He was telling them who was next.

Emily poured herself a cup of coffee and smiled as Reid entered the room. Blinking he glanced around and asked,

" Where's Hotch?"

" He'll be along in a minute. He was on the phone with Strauss."  Rossi chuckled.

" Nice way to start the day." Emily smirked wrinkling her nose.

" Emily, any luck with your interview yesterday?"

" With Gwen? No.Nothing that would help us at any rate."

" Morning everyone. JJ is joining us tomorrow for our press release. I'm expecting this press conference to be nasty given
the society names involved. Emily, do you think your mother would mind if JJ stayed with you?" Hotch asked

" Uh- no. That would be fine. I'll take care of JJ." Emily mumbled then took a sip of her coffee. Suddenly, things were looking brighter.

She was strung up the same way as the last girl. JJ rested her weight on her left hip as Porter inspected the body. She said nothing as the victim was released then lowered to the ground. JJ blinked hard and stared off into the woods as the others talked back and forth expressing theories. She wondered how anyone could have a theory. Your mind would have to be able to go to the darkest places of the human mind. Grimly, she knew that was why she didn't go for the exam. Profiling seemed to take you down that path and she wasn't sure she could handle it. She didn't want her mind going to those kinds of places not even as part of her job.

" No pearls of wisdom Agent Jareau? " Strauss asked coolly.

" Her feet are bloodied- they ran her down. They hunted her." JJ said softly, aching for the victim.

" They? You think there are two?" Porter frowned.

" One person couldn't get her up there..." JJ replied uncomfortably.

" No. You're right. There's more than one." he agreed then smiled faintly, " I'm impressed you picked up on that."

" Yes sir."  JJ replied eyeing him. She knew the thought had never occurred to him.

Emily entered her room and tiredly pulled off her clothes then headed for the shower. She had just finished when the phone rang. Pulling the sash of her robe together tightly she picked up the receiver,

" Prentiss."

" Hey Prentiss, Agent Jareau here."

" Jayje!? Hey, I hear you're headed down to meet us."

" Yeah, about that.."

" Don't worry. I've got everything planned. You'll have the room next to me and there's an adjoining door."

" Are you sure this won't be a problem?" JJ smiled. She really hoped she would say no.

" Just avoid my mother's questions and for god sake, don't pay any attention to anything she says." Emily smiled.

" Ok. I'll see you tomorrow."

" Whoa!? That's it?! How are you feeling?" Emily demanded.

" Tired. As a matter of fact, I'm heading to bed soon."

" This early? Jayje, seriously, are you ok?"

" We've been hiking through woods for the last two days. I'm whipped. I'm ok Em, promise."

" So you'll need bedrest huh? I can see to that."

" I'll bet."  JJ chuckled beginning to relax.

" Are you in your hotel room now?"

" Yeah, stretched out on a very empty bed. I miss you Em. I know that sounds stupid.. we've only just started
seeing each other."

" I miss you too and it doesn't sound stupid at all." Emily replied sitting on the edge of her bed.

" Strauss is being a royal pain."

" Well, tomorrow you will be here with us."

" Thank god. This case.."

" It's getting a lot of play in the news."

" I know. It's a bad one Em, we've got two killers."

" Jesus. And Strauss in charge? Who else? Please don't say Porter."

" I won't say it."

" He's just her yes man. At least you'll be out of it." Emily sighed.

JJ nodded even though Emily couldn't see her. Absently she fingered the bedspread then took a deep breath.

" So, I'll go straight to your mother's when I get in. Hotch said he'd meet us there in the evening."

" Mother has invited everyone to dinner. Nice huh? I was hoping to make a short evening out of it but there's no chance of that."

" Did you have plans Agent Prentiss?"  JJ chuckled.

" You know I did and I still do Agent Jareau. Hey, how is Henry?"

" Good, I talked to the babysitter and he's fine. I think the little guy is getting used to me not being around."

" Jayje, don't even think that. You, my dear, are irreplaceable." Emily said firmly.

" Em.. "

" Jayje?"

" Nothing. I miss you.. that's all. I'll see you tomorrow."


Emily sighed and walked to the bedroom window. Looking out she worried about a certain blonde.  JJ wasn't recovered from her injuries and already she was pulling double duty. She could hear the strain in JJ's voice and it wasn't right. JJ needed TLC not another serial killer.

" Miss Emily."  a voice spoke from behind the closed bedroom door.

" Yes?"

" You have a visitor downstairs."

Emily entered the sitting room and eyed Gwen in surprise. Gwen Hastings turned from the mantle where she had been examining family pictures.

" Do you think your mother would have a picture of us up there if we had stayed together?" she smirked.

" We didn't stay together. It's late Gwen, why are you here?"

" Seeing you again, well, let's just say it stirred up some old feelings."

" Really?" Emily replied trying to figure out Gwen's ploy.

" Have dinner with me tomorrow evening."

" Sorry, I have plans."

" Oh? With your team?"

" Yeah."

" Beg off. They're all a bunch of stuffed shirts. You and I always knew how to have fun."

" They are hardly stuffed shirts but I can't beg off. Besides, JJ gets here tomorrow and she will be staying here while we work on this case."

" Ooh, JJ. Short for Jennifer I'll bet." Gwen smiled detecting something in Emily's demeanor.

" Stop it Gwen. Agent Jareau is a member of the team and she arrives in the afternoon."

" You're smittened! Emily Prentiss is in love. I must meet this woman."

" Gwen, my 'sexual' preferences are not public knowledge."

" I can be subtle." Gwen chuckled walking over to the brunette.With a smirk she cupped Emily's face on both sides and kissed her. Taken off guard, Emily let it happen for a moment then pulled free and glared at the other woman.

" What is that expression, the more things change the more they stay the same? "  Elizabeth said tonelessly from the doorway.

" Mother."

" It seems I owe you an apology Emily. I truly thought your interests lay elsewhere." Elizabeth frowned then left.

" Oh my, did you see her face?! That felt good! You taste good too baby."

" Gwen, leave." Emily sighed rubbing her temples.

" For now." she agreed giving Emily's arm a squeeze.

Emily wiped her mouth and frowned listening to the front door close. Gwen Hastings was and always would be a wild card. Now she had to figure out just how wild. And she had to do it before she zeroed in on her relationship with JJ. Grimly, Emily realized it may already be too late to prevent that encounter because Gwen would not be letting this go. What she didn't get was why. It wasn't like Gwen had feelings for her. Emily headed up to her room only to find her mother waiting.

" Tell me you're not getting back in a relationship with that golddigger. Honestly Emily! Have you no sense?!"

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