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WMC Fragile Feelings 1/?

title:        Fragile Feelings 1/?
pairings:    Lindsay and Jill
rating        17 yrs
summary:    a case creates uncertainty
disclaimer:    I don't own the characters, the tv show or the books
a/n:                   I'm not promising fast updates but I will try ( in case anyone does read this.lol)

Chapter one

She always put her phone on vibrator at night so that it wouldn't wake up her partner. It had been almost a month since Jill had any nightmares but Lindsay still worried that the blonde didn't get enough rest. She was a light sleeper and a cop so she slept with one ear tuned to her cellphone for any call to work; like tonight. Jill's cellphone rested on her nightstand and had yet to sound its ringtone which pleased Lindsay to no end. Deftly she shed her clothes and slid beneath the bedding warmed deliciously by Jill's body heat. With a sigh, Lindsay turned on her side to get more comfortable and smiled as she took in the expanse of her lover's bared back. Remembering the earlier part of the night Lindsay placed feather light kisses up Jill's spine and smiled at the muffled murmur the action elicited from the blonde attorney.

" Sleep babygirl, it's Sunday. We're both off the clock." Lindsay whispered kissing  the satiny skin below the blonde's right ear.

" Linds?"  Jill husked shifting her position.

" Hey, it's four a.m., go back to sleep." Lindsay smiled as her eyes traveled over Jill's exposed body.

" Were you called out?" Jill asked pushing herself up on one elbow, the blanket and sheet slipped more.

" Jill."

" Hmm?" she questioned rubbing her eyes.

Silently Lindsay cupped the blonde's face and kissed her slowly, rolling her onto her back as Jill returned the kiss. As she trapped Jill's arms above her head, the raven haired detective pressed herself against her and began slowly and teasingly making love to her.  It was only moments before Jill was fully awake and responding hungrily to her lover's touch. Lindsay smiled as she looked down at the blonde.

" Good morning Bernhardt."

" -God, Boxer!"

Lindsay wasn't sure what had awakened her at first then smiled and snuggled into the pillow again listening to Jill's off key singing downstairs.  Grinning as Jill hit a particularly bad note, she hurriedly got out of bed and pulled on a bathrobe. As she entered the kitchen, Lindsay leaned quietly in the doorway and watched the blonde. Jill leaned against the counter clad in her sleeping apparrel of choice, her men's shirt. It just covered the woman's derriere and Lindsay allowed herself the luxury of a healthy view of leg. Jill had  great legs. Lindsay smiled as she noted the eyeglasses resting on the bridge of the attorney's nose as she read the morning paper. With a grin she walked over and wrapped her arms around Jill's waist then lazily kissed the nape of her neck.

" Anything interesting in the morning news?"

" Cindy's article on the drug ring. I don't know, she's stirring up a hornet's nest."

" That's Cindy." Lindsay smiled nuzzling the blonde's throat.

Jill's nose crinkled and she moved her head to give Lindsay easier access. Lindsay didn't wait for a second invitation and kissed the blonde at length letting her hands freely roam.

" Got something in mind Boxer?" Jill chuckled .

" Shower." Lindsay wagged her eyebrows and carefully removed Jill's eyeglasses. Jill laughed and allowed herself to be pulled towards the stairs.

The water cascaded down and Jill clung to Lindsay dazedly as she slowly drifted back to reality. Lindsay kept Jill pinned between herself and the shower wall as she, too, let the last waves of their lovemaking wash over her. Both were breathing heavily, Lindsay groaned loudly then peppered Jill with kisses.

" I love Sundays." Lindsay sighed.

" I love Sundays, coffee and you." Jill teased with a chuckle.

" Well then, let's get changed and go for coffee." Lindsay grinned and was rewarded with a big grin from her lover.

Entering Papa Joe's, Lindsay spied Claire and Ed. Joining them they gave each a hug and slid into the other side of the booth.  Ed was stationed at the end of the table to give his wheelchair more room. Claire eyed her friends and smiled happily. It wasn't hard to tell when these two were happy. Lindsay wasn't even aware that she was clasping Jill's hand possessively as they ordered.  Jill had never been so at ease and her eyes practically shone with adoration for Lindsay. Chuckling, Claire vowed to hit them when they started finishing each other's thoughts which she suspected would happen any day now.

" Before you ask, the boys are on sleepovers so Claire and I are having a grown up breakfast."

" Actually, it might be brunch now." Claire laughed.

" We should call Cindy." Jill mused.

" Nah, she and Chloe were going clubbing last night." Lindsay said as the waitress brought their coffee.

Smiling she watched as Jill inhaled the aroma of caffeine with delight.

" Your Sunday is complete." she teased chuckling as the blonde reddened.

" Ooh, this sounds good," Claire teased.

" Yes, and it is none of your business." Jill laughed sticking out her tongue.

~~  1 a.m.~~

Lindsay struggled to carefully untangle herself from a still sleeping Jill when her cellphone began buzzing. A moment later, Jill was jerked out of her sleep by the heavy beat of Aerosmith. Pushing back her wayward bangs, she focused on the call as Lindsay disappeared into the bathroom.

" Bernhardt."

Lindsay was holstering her gun and heading for the door as Jill was fastening her jeans. Leaning in she gave the blonde a quick kiss and said,

" I'll see you there. Drive safe."

" Ok babe. Hey Linds.."

" Yeah?"

" You drive safe too." Jill grinned.

Lindsay walked with purpose towards Jacobi. Her partner looked grim and she felt the uneasy chill run up her spine. This was going to be bad, she knew it. When he couldn't meet her eye, Lindsay braced herself for the crime scene. It was already taped off. Claire was already on the scene and straightened when she saw Lindsay. Her face was drawn and dazed. Lindsay looked at her questioningly but Claire didn't enlighten her, she couldn't. Lindsay pressed forward and came to a stop above the body. The woman
stared with unseeing eyes almost as if she was looking at Lindsay. The Inspector nearly gagged and turned desperately towards Claire.

Jill was glad she had worn a warm jacket. This time of year San Francisco could get chilly at night. The attorney ducked under the yellow tape and flashed her credentials for the police officer then sought out Claire and Lindsay. Jacobi and Lindsay were deep in conversation. Claire eyed her worriedly. Jill gritted her teeth and approached the corpse.

" Oh Jesus-- oh. Oh Jesus-" Jill hissed and blindly stumbled away. The blonde retched beside some trash cans outside the crime perimeter. She barely made it. Closing her eyes she took the handkerchief offered to her.

" You ok?" Lindsay whispered.

" Linds?! --"  Jill croaked.

" I know-- uh-- someone-" Lindsay couldn't think.

Jill caught sight of a certain redhead moving through the gathering crowd. Swearing she brushed by Lindsay and moved like lightening to head the reporter off.  Cindy eyed her as Jill spoke in a soft whisper. As she tried to push past her, Jill gripped her by the arms and wouldn't let her. Cindy stared at the victim and lost the feeling in her legs. Jill gathered her into her arms and continued speaking to her. Lindsay stood helplessly by. Cindy yelled at Jill but couldn't break free. By now Claire was there and helping Jill to get Cindy away from the scene. Lindsay stared at Cindy as Jill wrapped her jacket around the redhead and spoke to her. Claire gave Cindy a shot of something; Lindsay wasn't sure what. Numbly, she turned as one of the detectives spoke to her.  Lindsay walked back to the scene and eyed the shattered camera then dazedly nodded,

" Bag it." she said hoarsely.
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