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wmc Families Ch 19

Title:        Families  Ch19
Pairings:    jill and lindsay
Ratings:    18 yrs
Disclaimer:    I don't own these characters in any way shape or form.

She was sure if he didn't stop fussing she was going to have to be hospitalized again. Denise rolled her eyes and watched him from her position on her sofa.  Jacobi hung up the phone and pointed at her. Denise raised her eyebrows daring him to try making her stay away from her office.

" Cranson is in custody. There's no reason you can't take a few days off before you get back in your office."

" You don't understand work is therapy for me. I think Jill and Gates have had enough run of the department." Denise smirked.

" Afraid they'll usurp your spot as top dog?" he teased.

" I am not a dog. No, I'm fairly sure I can still keep them in line. Gates isn't long for the job."

" Oh?"

" He comes from money. He's a lawyer because daddy told him to be one not because he loves it. That won't fly in the DA's office.
Now, Jill, on the other hand, Jill lives the law. She and I really work well together when we aren't butting heads."

" Which is most of the time."  Jacobi chuckled.

" Not so much anymore. Jill leads with her heart, impulsive. Me? I like to approach things from all angles then pounce. Our styles are completely different but they compliment each other."  Denise yawned.

" Now see? You aren't 100%."

" Because you kept me up last night." Denise smirked.

" Stay home." he ordered as he pulled on his jacket.

" Going to find Lindsay?"

" Yeah, I want to know what went down while we were away. Then I want to stop by and see Ed. Then Cranson. Son of a bitch, goddamn dirty cop. I trusted him! All these years we would sit and talk promising we would get Valdez and it was him the whole time! "

" Believe me, I'll see he never sees the outside of his prison! He's going to wish he never tried to blow us up!"

" Got to go. Love you babe." Jacobi said kissing her.

" Say hi to Lindsay for me."

" Lindsay? " he chuckled.

" I like Lindsay! What?!"

" Nothing. Stay put." Jacobi laughed then was gone.

Denise smiled and reached for her crutches then winced. The doctor had said it would take a long time to get back to normal. With a sigh she smoothed back her hair and flipped open her cellphone then texted Jill. Ok, she would work from home and get Jill to bring her up to date. But, she would be lead chair when it came time to try Brian Cranson.
Cindy greeted Chloe with a hug and leaned over her shoulder as she worked.

" Those the shots for the article?"

" No, just some stills from the explosion. - I forgot about them with you, well, you know."

" I'm ok Chlo."  Cindy smiled.

" I know."

" You got some nice pictures."

" Yeah, just afterwards. Before I knew you were in there." Chloe said ruefully.

" That's Denise they're bringing out isn't it? Wow, she was in rough shape."

" Hmm. That's Cranson and what's his name, Gates."

" Gates nearly lost his eye. He must have been right on top of the bomb." Cindy mused.

" I would have thought he'd have seen someone. You'd think he'd know if Cranson was hanging around."

" No, Cranson was outside with us-  Chloe, he couldn't have planted the bomb. He was outside with Jill and me!?"

" Yeah well, Valdez probably did it."

" No Lindsay checked him out first.There was no evidence against him

" Someone working for them then."

" Nobody could just waltz in with the extra security. It had to be an insider-- like Gates." Cindy murmured uneasily.

" Cindy, he works in the DA's office. C'mon."  Chloe frowned.

" He had access. What if it went off prematurely and he was caught in the blast?"

" Why would he do it? He has no reason to do something like that for Valdez."

" Get on the computer. Everything on Gates. See if he has any history with the Valdez family."  Cindy frowned.
Lindsay hung up in frustration when she couldn't reach Jill's cell. She needed that damn warrant. Eyeing Gates home, she reluctantly called Denise. The DA listened silently then surprised Lindsay with a promise to have it to her in minutes. Lindsay breathed a sigh of relief glad Jacobi had touched base with her earlier. She wouldn't have known they were back in town. Grimly she took out her phone and eyed the id caller- Cindy.

" Hey."

" Linds,  I think Gates is involved. I know this may sound crazy-"

" He planted the bomb." Lindsay said grimly.

" You already know."

" Denise is getting me a warrant." 

" For his arrest?"

" We've got an APB on him but I want to get in his house."

" You're there now?" Cindy frowned.

" Yeah. Stay away, he might still be here."

Denise fumed as she snapped her phone shut. That little weasel! He could have killed all of them. Denise scowled wondering why she had never seen it. She was supposed to be a good judge of character. How long had Lindsay and Jill known about Gates?!
She hated being left out of the loop.With a frustrated stream of swear words, she dialled Jill's number. As it went to voicemail, she frowned. Grimly she tried the house next.

Jacobi stepped out of the house and placed the call to Tom. Lindsay stood silently surveying the room as Claire examined the body. It was dark and bare except for a few model planes and legal books.  Solemnly Claire rose to her feet still stunned by the turn of events. Her lazy afternoon with Ed had ended with Lindsay's call that Vivian Valdez's body had been found in Gates's home. Learning that the young, high strung attorney was responsible for bombing the DA's office had left her speechless. Finding out that he had beaten the woman to death left her stunned.

" There's enough drug paraphenalia to choke a horse. Gates is a user." Jacobi said drawing his own conclusions.

" There's his tie to Valdez. Rich kid with a drug habit and his supplier knows he works for the DA. No wonder Michael was out of jail so fast. " Lindsay sighed.

" Damn waste." Jacobi nodded.

" So he planted the bomb and it went off too soon."  Claire suggested and they nodded.

Lindsay reached for her cellphone as it began ringing. Claire gestured that she was going outside. Lindsay stepped away from the
CSI's and took the call.

" Boxer."

" Inspector Boxer, this is Ric Valdez."

" Ric, where are you!? "  Lindsay asked straightening.

" Your friend, I think she's in trouble."

" My friend? "  she frowned.

" That guy with the eye patch is bad news.."

" You mean Gates? Are you talking about Gates?!"

" He just left with Ms Bernhardt- he knew my brother. Mikey was his dealer."

Jill read the text from Denise and smiled then waved her phone at Gates. The young attorney eyed her silently.

" Our fearless leader is back and she sounds like she is ready to get back to work."

" Oh? "

" She'll want to nail our mad bomber personally."  Jill smiled, " God help anyone that ticks off Denise Kwon."

" Yeah, she can be a bitch." he nodded.

" Uh, - yeah, maybe. You never explained why you needed my approval on this document?" Jill questioned.

" I just wanted your input. Have you heard from the hospital? "

" No, Lindsay is going to call me later. She's trying to question Gates about Vivian and her son."

" Michael got what he deserved. Nobody likes a squealer. Cranson won't be able to wiggle out of this one."

" The thing that bothers me is how did he know Michael Valdez was turning him in. Hanson North was very adamant that our meeting be on the qt. Only you and I knew Michael was going to give up the killer. And Cranson wasn't even my detail that morning."

" No he wasn't."  Gates agreed clenching and unclenching his fists waiting for her to realize what she knew. Just like Vivian had realized she had pushed him too far, Jill was going to realize she was next. But not until he was out of this god forsaken city. No, he needed her to make sure he got away in one piece.

" That will be Lindsay no doubt. " Jill said reaching for her cell phone.

" Let it ring."

" Not likely-"

"Let it ring bitch." he hissed through gritted teeth.

The chill that went up her back was undescribable.  Jill felt her mouth go dry and her own words echoed in her head.Only you and I knew Michael was going to give up the killer. Jill slowly looked up at Gates and noted for the first time the coldness in his eyes.

" You told Cranson."

" Give the lady a cupie doll! " He pointing the gun directly at her chest.

Jill tried to breathe and think but she couldn't do either. Gates cocked his head,

" My god, you didn't know?! Oh god, I'm sorry Jill. I really thought you did. That's why you can't be left alive. Loose ends, remember?"

" Why? "  Jill whispered.

" Why?! Because I need the drugs! Once Valdez knew who I was, he used me to get people out of hot water! He was blackmailing me Jill! I didn't have a choice. "

" But if that's all -"

" If that's all, I wouldn't be here waving a gun at you! Cranson knows too! He'll sell me out in a heartbeat! "

" Gates -"

" Shut up Jill! I killed her! They'll find the body- there's no way out of this except to run!"

" Who?" Jill asked weakly eyeing her phone.

" Vivian. She showed up threatening me. Wanting me to get her kid's case thrown out. Threatened me- and I lost it. The next thing I know she was on the floor- dead."

" You can't run anywhere. They'll find you."

" That's why you're coming with me. We're taking a little drive Jill. "

Lindsay practically flew up the driveway and approached Ric Valdez with her gun drawn. Jacobi stood by the passenger door and aimed his directly at the youth.

" I didn't do anything! I found my brother dead so I ran- This morning I decided Ms Bernhardt might be able to help me- so I came here."

" How did you know she was here?!"

" My dad and me cruised the area- "

" Where is she now?!" Lindsay yelled.

" I don't know! Like I told you on the phone, he showed up and they went inside so I hid out here. I was going to wait out here to talk to her but they came out together. She didn't look happy."

" - Was she hurt?"  Lindsay asked holding her breath as she waited for an answer.

" I don't know. He had her by the arm and he had a gun. He made her drive."

" Did he say anything? Anything about where they were going?" Jacobi asked as Lindsay's gaze faltered.

Lindsay went inside and dazedly tried to focus. There appeared to have been a bit of a struggle. Picking up Jill's cellphone she read the caller id and the missed calls. He had been here when she called/

" Oh god- Jill."  Lindsay whispered not sure what to do.

" He knows we're on to him. He's making a run for it."

" But where? He won't keep her alive once he thinks he's made it."  Lindsay said desperately trying to keep herself together. This wasn't just any old hostage situation, this was Jill's life. Lindsay could feel her heart hammering and the old feeling of terror she had felt when she believed Jill had died in the car accident began to engulf her. Part of her wanted to curl up in a ball and never wake up, the other part wanted Jill, safe and sound. She couldn't lose her. Shakily she called Claire.

" Hey, what's happening there?!!" Claire demanded.

" Gates has Jill- I don't know where."

Claire could hear the panic in Lindsay's voice and motioned to Cindy. The redhead eyed her questioningly and she shook her head anxiously. Cindy clasped her hands around the back of her neck and blinked hard. She should never have left her alone.

" Where would he go? He can't come back here."  Claire frowned.

" Liptons' Airfield! Linds!-- Claire, give me the phone! " Cindy yelled.

" Cindy?! "

" Gates is a pilot, it was in his history, he has a pilot's license. "

" So he could be planning to fly himself out of here. Where-?"

" Liptons' Field! He owns a little six seater plane! That's got to be where he's headed." Cindy said excitedly.

As she handed the phone back to Claire, her friend hugged her and hissed,

" Thank god for that memory of yours!"

Jill numbly got out of the car and watched Gates carefully. It was nearly dark out. Anxiously, she looked around taking in several small planes. Gates motioned with his gun.

" I think I'm going to enjoy a southern island." Gates laughed nervously.

" You can't live on nothing."

" My parents are rich. They'll look after me." he smirked.

" Gates-"

" I know I know, you don't want to die but what choice do I have? "

" They know you killed Vivian by now!? What will killing me serve?" Jill pressed.

" Shut up! No loose ends! You are a loose end! "

" Gates-"

The slap rocked the blonde and she fell backwards holding her jaw. Gates shook his head and smiled,

" I'm running this show! Valdez is dead, his kid is dead and his wife! Cranson is going to wish he was dead!"

" You won't get away with this! " Jill yelled gripping a stone in her hand.

Gates yanked her to her feet and laughed,

" I always liked you Jill. Those pretty tops with all those buttons open! I'm really sorry-"

It was now or never, Jill hit him with the rock and shoved hard. The blonde made it around the car before he lunged over the hood.
Neither heard the wail of sirens. Jill let out a cry as his fist slammed into the side of her head but she knew she couldn't pass out.
Desperately, she bit his hand and twisted to get free.

" Bitch!" he yelled tackling her to the ground. Gates hit her several times until she stopped moving and slowly registered the sirens and running feet. As Lindsay came around the car holding her gun, Gates levelled his at the unconscious blonde.

" Not another step or I kill her! " he glared.

Lindsay didn't lower her gun and slowly kept approaching. Focus. It was all about focus. Focus or Jill died.  Lindsay was aware of Jacobi working his way behind Gates. She needed to keep him distracted.

" I'll bet you're high now aren't you. That's why you're making so many mistakes." she drawled

" I fooled you didn't I? Who  has the upper hand here?! Me or you!"

" That would be me. Now, you'll be dead long before your brain can ever send a message to squeeze that trigger." Jacobi hissed pressing his gun into Gates's skull. Gates froze and took several short breaths.

" Drop the gun you asswipe." Jacobi ordered, " Or give me an excuse to kill you!"

As the gun hit the ground with a thud, Jacobi grabbed Gates by his jacket and flung him up against the car. Lindsay was on her knees beside Jill in an instant.

" Baby- c'mon. Jill? Sweetie- please be ok. I need an ambulance! Get me an ambulance, now! : she yelled.



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