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JJ,EMILY,JILL,LINDSAY,SARAH,CAMERON,NORA,NIKKI, I could go on and on. I think one of the reasons femslash is so popular is because we can write what women really think and feel and direct the characters towards storylines where they get to shine. Unlike the real shows where they are at the mercy of little balding pot bellied men who make the decisions about what people want to watch, we develop them where they become the stars and the centerpieces.

Obviously, I'm writing this in direct reaction to the news of aj cook and paget brewster being muscled by the same fat cats I referenced in the above paragraph. I can't think of a show left that I now want to watch. Criminal Minds was my last guilty pleasure that I would watch simply to see smart women playing important roles. I'm not saying they aren't replaceable but, hell, do they really need to be replaced?  Can't we have a few ladies that we can count on seeing week after week? I want to believe that Aj Cook's talent will ensure she lands another major role but that doesn't always happen. I for one will miss JJ. She and Emily and Garcis made the show for me. Without them it is just formula tv.

What really ticks me off is that the little boys' club does this over and over. The almighty dollar. Still, they don't cut the big salaries, the male star, no, the female leads take the brunt of this sexism. And that is what it is. They view entertainment through the eyes of males. The female on tv is window dressing. Money problems? Cut the actress. Story is boring? Victimize a female. Ooh show two women together? Characters will disappear very shortly. The sad thing is we, the viewers, let them get away with it. And next year, there will be one less classy smart character on television and the other will be  marginalizedGod, I'm depressed.
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