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wmc Families Ch 18

title:                 Families  Ch 18
rating:            18 yrs
pairing:          lindsay and jill
disclaimer:    I do not own these characters in any way shape or form

Lindsay barely managed to dive behind a crate as a bullet sailed by her head. Swearing, she crawled along behind cover. She could hear Cranson cursing. Frantically she listened for her friends. Nothing. She felt rising fear and prayed desperately that Jill was ok. Please just let her and the others be ok. Lindsay could hear the sirens getting closer and knew Cranson heard them.

" You can't escape Brian! Too many people know! " she shouted.

" I can't go to prison! You know what they'll do to me! " He yelled limping towards her voice.

Lindsay skittered over the top of a crate and slipped down to another level then moved rapidly towards a high stack of crates as another bullet ricocheted off a support pillar.  Her eyes locked on Ed and Claire. Both appeared to be more or less ok although Ed was on the floor and immobile. Claire gave her a look that was a cross between rage and terror. Ed was a sitting duck if Cranson located them. Lindsay desperately searched for any sign of Jill.

" I don't know where she is- I lost track of her when he started firing- " Claire whispered to Lindsay as she reached them.

" Ed? "

" Last I saw she was ok. Go. I've got my gun." he grunted clasping Claire's hand, " Son of a bitch-"

" Cavalry is almost here. Just stay out of sight." Lindsay ordered.


 Jill pressed her forehead against the crate and swallowed hard. She had heard Lindsay and Cranson shouting back and forth. Gingerly she looked around and tried to guage where Lindsay was from the sound of her voice but everything echoed in the empty warehouse. The blonde eased herself slowly along the row of crates hoping the direction she was taking would lead her towards Lindsay. Wood splintered above her head as a bullet dug into a crate. Jill let out a yelp and ducked instinctively then scrambled backwards only to have a hand clamp down over her mouth. As she struggled, the blonde twisted then with a muffled whimper let herself go slack into Lindsay's arms. Lindsay signalled for her to be silent and Jill nodded weakly. Grimly, Lindsay pulled off her kevlar and fastened it onto Jill. The blonde shook her head in protest. Lindsay glared and pointed warningly at her and Jill meekly complied. She knew by the set of Lindsay's jaw that she was nobody to argue with at that particular moment.

Lindsay breathed in deeply savouring the scent of Jill and the knowledge that she was ok. Silently she pressed a kiss to Jill's forehead then let go of her and stood up.

" Over here Brian! You have one way out and there's about half a dozen police cars waiting for you."

" Linds-" Jill yelled spotting Cranson above them on top of several crates. Lindsay spun but it was already too late. A volley of shots rang out. Lindsay moved in front of Jill. Cranson teetered then fell landing with a thud on the floor below. Dazedly, Lindsay turned to Jill to make sure she was ok. Jill looked up and nodded although she had paled drastically.

" You ok? " Jill croaked.

" Yeah- " Lindsay replied looking at Claire who stood still holding Ed's gun.

Cindy ran towards the ambulances and breathed a sigh of relief when she spotted all three of her friends. Aside from Jill, who looked a little shell shocked, they were in one piece. Claire hugged Jill hard then climbed into one of the ambulances. Cindy saw Cranson being loaded into another ambulance and things quickly fell into place in her mind.

" Oh my god- " she hissed.

" Hey." Lindsay smiled as Cindy hugged first her then Jill.

" It was Cranson?! Shit, he was your protection!? " she exclaimed staring at Jill.

" Don't remind me." Jill said with a grimace.

" We should probably meet Claire at the hospital." Lindsay frowned.

" The hospital?"

" Ed took a fall. They just want to check him over."  Lindsay explained absently rubbing Jill's arm.

" He's ok isn't he?" Cindy asked anxiously.

" Yeah. I think so. Can't say the same for Cranson. Claire picked him off like he was nothing." lindsay grinned impressed with her friend's markmanship.

" She was awesome." Jill smiled suddenly very tired.

" Come on, let's go keep Annie Oakley company." Lindsay smirked.
Claire smiled tiredly as her friends sat down beside her. Cindy volunteered to get them coffee and returned as Claire was talking to Ed's doctor. Claire looked a lot happier as she rejoined them.

" He's getting dressed. He can come home tonight."

" Thank god." Jill groaned dropping her head into her hands.

" No thanks to you. You should have told us immediately!" Tom said as he walked up.

" Back off Tom! " Claire glared.

" She nearly got your husband killed!"

" It was the other way around Tom." Ed said as he wheeled himself  towards them.

" Ed, she-"

" Did exactly what I asked her to do. And I owe you an apology. I knew how to press your buttons so you would help me and I nearly got you killed."

" Ed." Jill shook her head.

" Don't Ed me. I love you girl and I put you in a real dangerous place all because of my ego. I had to be the one to bring Brian down. Instead, herself here takes care of business." Ed said winking at Claire.

" Nobody messes with my family." Claire chuckled kissing both Ed and Jill.

" Exactly how did Ed get you to ignor procedure? " Tom asked.

Jill eyed him then looked away uncomfortably. Ed drew in a deep breath and guiltily eyed Claire who looked ready to strangle him.  Lindsay stared at Jill long and hard while Cindy just wished Tom would get sucked into the ventilation system.

" He told you if you helped him prove it was Cranson, it would keep me safe." Lindsay said huskily smiling softly as Jill eyed her wordlessly. Tom looked like he had swallowed something bad. Lindsay shook her head  and kissed the blonde then hugged her tightly.

" Cindy, take my girl home for me. I have to stay in case we get to interrogate Cranson today." Lindsay said still smiling at Jill and still keeping her in her arms.

Tom made eye contact with Lindsay and felt the ground shift beneath him. There wasn't any glint in her eyes for him, no hint of affection or spark of interest. Tom knew without any doubt that he had lost her for good and Jill had won. Broodingly he watched as Lindsay walked to the elevator with Jill and Cindy. Tom took note of the police issue kevlar Jill was still wearing and knew instinctively that Lindsay had taken it off herself and put it on the blonde. Wordlessly he watched Lindsay press a kiss to Jill's cheek and say something to Cindy. The three women chuckled. Claire brushed by him as she pushed her husband's wheelchair towards the closing elevator. Looking up at him, Claire smirked,

" You never stood  a chance."

Lindsay smiled down at Ed as Claire gave her a hug. Her friends looked as tired as she felt.  Claire absently massaged Ed's shoulder and glanced back at Tom.

" Will you be ok here by yourself?"

" Oh yeah. If  Jill's ok, I'm ok." Lindsay grinned, " But you and her are not off the hook yet."

" I really am sorry. I'll never forgive myself for...."

" Ed, don't. It all worked out. You figured it out."  Lindsay smiled.

Claire pressed the button and leaned against the wall as Lindsay walked back to join Tom. Ed looked up sheepishly.

" Oh don't even try that look on me. I told you about Jill and Lindsay and you used it to get Jill to help you! "

" Claire, nobody knows better than me how much I screwed up."

" You and I are going to have one badass fight when we get home and you have some major apologizing to do to my girls!"  Claire said as they entered the elevator.

" I love you Claire."

" I love you too but you're still getting what for." Claire promised.
Cindy smiled absently as Martha greeted Jill enthusiastically then turned her attention to her. Jill smiled and eyed the time. It was early afternoon. It felt like she had been awake forever. Absently, she went to the kitchen and turned on the coffee machine.

" Want some?" Jill asked.

" Sure." Cindy replied.

" You don't have to babysit me you know. It's over." Jill smiled wearily.

" Hey. I'm just hanging out with you."  Cindy smiled. They both knew she was lying.

" Aw munchkin, I luvs ya too." Jill teased kissing her on the head.

" Hey, forgive me if I've gotten used to you being around. It's not that long since I thought we'd lost you forever." Cindy said with painful honesty.

" I'm fine. Hey I've got Inspector Boxer riding to the rescue." Jill chuckled.

" You two are so good together. You really make her happy." Cindy smiled.

" Yeah?  Do you think so? Does she really seem happy with me?" the blonde questioned.

" God Jill, she's crazy about you."

" God I hope so- " Jill frowned.

" Jill, have you looked in a mirror lately?"

" Lindsay is just so cool and collected. Nothing rattles her. Me, I throw up around corpses."

" Sometimes you faint too." Cindy smirked

" Funny Thomas." Jill smirked and they laughed.

" Lindsay thinks you're the cool one. You should really watch her when she's watching you in the courtroom."

" Yeah, the judge would love that." Jill smiled.

" You're impossible. Ok, I've got to shove off. Chloe and I have to finish an article."

He hid when the front door opened and Jill came outside with the other lady. Ric licked his lips anxiously and waited for the woman 's car to disappear down the road. Jill Bernhardt went back inside and he nervously wondered what his next move was.
Ed sat and took it. Claire had railed at him all the way home and as she made dinner, she continued ranting. He couldn't even argue with her because everything she said was true. Ed was completely disgusted with himself for putting Jill in harm's way. He'd never forget the look of raw fear in her eyes when Cranson had materialized brandishing a gun. He'd caused it and he never wanted her to
be that afraid again.

" Ed?"

" Yeah?" he frowned.

" Baby, are you alright?"

" I nearly got Jill killed. I called her up and I knew I was playing on her feelings for Lindsay-"

" She's not mad at you." Claire said softly sitting on his lap.

" I'm mad at me. That girl-"

" Our white child?" Claire chuckled.

" Our white child." Ed nodded sheepishly.

" I love you Ed Washburn."  Claire whispered kissing him, " But if you ever pull a stunt like that again, I'll shoot you."

" That's a real threat after that fancy shooting you did today." Ed smiled.

" All those hunting trips you dragged me on paid off. He would have killed both of them."

" What do you say we turn dinner off and go snuggle. The boys are on that soccer trip."

" Sounds like a plan. I'll just get the stove."

Jill opened the door and eyed Gates then invited him in as she took the papers he handed her. Walking towards the living room she read as she went. Gates followed her and nervously fidgeted. Glancing up, Jill noticed his discomfort and asked,

" Something bugging you ?"

" No."

" Are you sure? "

" It's just been an eventful day."

" That's putting it mildly. Still, Cranson isn't a threat to any of us."

" No, he killed them, not us." he agreed.

" There's just a few loose ends to clear up." Jill said absently.

" Just a few."
Lindsay was the first in Cranson's room. Cranson looked up at her and glared.

" Why didn't you just kill me?"

" Oh hey, I want you to enjoy prison. They'll love you there."

" Lindsay- "

" Oh it's Inspector Boxer to you. I don't let people who try to kill me call me by my first name. I'm funny that way."  she glared

" I guess you're enjoying this."

" Suppose you tell us why?"

" Why? For the goddamn money."

" Money? You shot your partner in the back!? You killed how many people?! You nearly blew up half the second floor?! For money?!"

" Hey. I didn't do that. If I'd known about the bomb, do you think I'd have been walking into it?" Cranson scowled.

" You didn't plant that bomb? Then who did? Valdez?"

" Hell no, it was that idiot Gates. He's been under Valdez's thumb for years.. hey where are you going?" Cranson asked coughing.

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