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wmc Families Ch 17

title:               Families Ch 17
pairing:         jill and lindsay
rating:           18 yrs
disclaimer:    I do not own these characters in any way shape or form

Claire ate breakfast silently and watched as her husband poured his coffee. Wordlessly she eyed him as he poured a cup for her.  Ed was distracted, otherwise, he would have picked up on her silence. He had arranged to meet Jill. She'd gone through all the files and she'd found something.  Broodingly, he hoped it would confirm his worst suspicions.  Brian Cranson, his partner of eight years, had shot him in the goddamn back. Ed knew it with every fiber of his being. And with Jill's help he was going to bring him down.

" I need to get to work."  Claire said tonelessly.

" Ok, have a good one Babe." Ed murmured absently as he stirred his coffee.

Forty minutes later, Ed rolled out of the house and got in his car. Parked down the block, Claire's jaw worked as she watched her husband drive away. Ignoring her tears, Claire slid her car into drive and slowly followed her husband's vehicle. She didn't know what she planned to do but he and his girlfriend were in for one helluva surprise.  Claire marshalled all her resolve. After all they had been through, he did this?!

Jill left her office tired and tense. She was just glad she had a pair of jeans and an extra shirt at her office. Frowning she steered her car out into the traffic and headed off to meet Ed. The blonde had been delayed by Hanson North's early arrival on behalf of his client. Jill smirked remembering the satisfaction she had enjoyed when she told him Michael Valdez could forget any deals with the DA's office. They had him dead to rights and his info that Cranson was a dirty cop was now old news. The blonde shivered realizing she had been 'protected' by the very person trying to kill everyone. Ed had been right.

The blonde guided her car towards the dock not sure why Ed wanted to meet there of all places. Intent on her driving, she failed to notice the car following her.  Jill parked and turned off the engine and sat waiting then spotted Ed's car. With a sigh, she got out and started walking towards his vehicle.

Lindsay sipped her coffee and viewed the Valdez home thoughtfully. She was still waiting for Tom to text back with the go ahead. She had been unable to get a hold of Jill to get her the warrant. Gates had promised to take care of it and give it to Tom. Cindy and Chloe were looking at her impatiently.

" What? I'm a detective. I need a warrant."

" Well where's your girlfriend then? She should have gotten it by now."  Chloe frowned.

" I couldn't reach her." Lindsay retorted then inwardly frowned. Jill had hinted she may not be able to reach her.  Suddenly. she didn't like the fact that Jill was unreachable. Lindsay realized that Jill had been ' off ' .  Grimly she promised herself she was heading right over to see her girlfriend after they checked these vehicles.

" Well, we don't need a warrant. C'mon Cin." Chloe fumed trotting up the driveway.

" Hey!" Lindsay hissed.

Less than three minutes later, Chloe let out a squeal.

" Jackpot! Bald tire matches perfectly!" She whispered excitedly.

" Get back here until the warrant comes through!"  Lindsay glared although her adrenaline was perking along.

" Shit!" Chloe hissed.

" Uh Linds- "  Cindy said uneasily yanking Chloe quickly backwards towards the lanky Texan.

" What's wrong?" Lindsay demanded worriedly.

" Blood. Bloody footprints near the front door area- " Cindy said anxiously.

" Damn it. You two leave now! "

" I'm not leaving you here alone! " Cindy frowned.

" Cindy, you'll do as you're told or I'll arrest you!" Lindsay bluffed.

" You need backup."  Cindy replied stubbornly.

Lindsay sent her a glare that once terrified Cindy but the redhead was not about to leave her friend alone. Lindsay reached in her car for her radio and spoke rapidly into it requesting backup.

" Satisfied?"  Lindsay asked

" Hey, Jill would kill me if I left you alone."  Cindy retorted.
Claire slowly rolled to a stop and frowned in confusion as she watched Ed transferring himself into his chair and Jill walking down the dock towards him.  The blonde gestured with some papers and seemed to be agitated as she talked to him. Claire frowned. Obviously, this wasn't what she had thought. Ed took the papers Jill handed him and read a couple of them then slapped them against his thigh. She knew when her husband was angry.  Jill didn't look too happy either, but she seemed more worried than angry. Ed wheeled himself towards a warehouse and Jill waved her hands in protest. Claire knew why Jill was upset. Ed had nearly died in that warehouse. The night he was shot in the back, it had been in that damn warehouse. Claire reached for the door handle as Jill hurried to catch up to Ed. Claire hesitated as she saw Brian Cranson coming down the dock and relaxed.

Lindsay crossed her arms lost in thought as the Valdez home was roped off as a crime scene.  Cindy and Chloe looked at her questioningly and she said,

" Not a word yet."

" But it is Michael Valdez in there?" Cindy pressed.

" Yeah. And yes he was murdered."  Lindsay replied.

" What about his mother and brother?" Chloe asked.

" No sign of them. And the car that matches our tire  belongs to Vivian Valdez."

" She watched someone murder her husband?!"  Cindy whistled processing the tidbit and picturing the headline of her next article.

" She had to have known it was going to be happening. She's involved right up to her eyeballs in this." Lindsay mused.

" So what now?"

" We put an APB out on Vivian."

" But she wouldn't have killed her son."

" No, but I would say she tried to play hardball with the wrong person and Michael has paid for it. Can't say I'm all that broken up over it."  Lindsay replied as Tom arrived on the scene.

" I hear the punk got shot between the eyes." Tom greeted.

" Yeah, he had to have been taken by surprise."  Lindsay answered.

" Gates is on his way. Jill's out of her office."  Tom said glancing at his watch.


Jill bit her lip and eyed the empty warehouse with misgivings.  Ed seemed lost in his memories.  Sighing she dug her hands into her pockets and walked over to him then crouched down forcing him to focus on her.

" Ed, come on. Let's go."

" I was standing right there behind cover. One was over there, the other to my left. Hector was not in sight. I remember the young one falling when Reeves shot him. Then there was another shot and I went down..."

" Ed, don't do this to yourself." Jill begged her eyes glistening as she squeezed his hand.

" My own partner! We spent Christmas Eve together!? How does someone do that!? " he hissed bitterly.

" Ed, we have to go to Linds with what we know! Right now. "  Jill frowned.

" I don't think that would be a good idea Jill."  Cranson smirked aiming his gun at them.

Jill froze and stared at Brian Cranson like a deer caught in headlights.  Ed reacted more quickly, moving his chair  to block Cranson's path to Jill.  Already he knew he had miscalculated and put the woman in harm's way. Ed stared down Cranson knowing that his one time friend was most certainly going to kill them. Ed looked emotionlessly at Brian Cranson , his friend, the man that had shot him in the back. Grimly, he tried to come up with a way to get Jill out of this. If nothing else, he had to prevent Cranson from hurting her.

Claire's eyes had widened as Brian pulled the gun out and levelled it at Ed and Jill. Instinctively she ducked behind some crates and fumbled for her cellphone. Shaken, she pressed speed dial and waited for Lindsay to pick up.

Lindsay greeted Gates with a nod and filled him in on what she knew. The man nodded rapidly and turned towards the house as if debating whether or not to go inside. Lindsay smirked. He was worse than Jill.

" So you haven't seen Jill? "  Lindsay asked.

" No, no. She met with Hanson this morning. Michael's lawyer- guess he won't need him now.Huh?"

" No."

" Do you know what he told Jill yesterday?"

" No, what?"

" He wanted to make a deal and avoid jail. Huh, he avoided it alright."

" We haven't found his mother or brother yet. " Lindsay frowned.

" Vivian? Oh, she's probably long gone. I'll bet she's headed out of state by now." Gates murmured distractedly as the corpse was brought out.

" Excuse me." Lindsay said walking away to answer her phone.

" Boxer."

" Linds- don't ask questions. It's Brian Cranson- he's got Ed and Jill- on the docks. He was the one that shot Ed - hurry!"

" Claire?! Slow down! What?!"

" He's our killer! Brian Cranson and he has a gun on Jill and Ed right now!"

" Where on the docks?!" Lindsay demanded already running towards her car.

" Where Ed was shot- god, hurry." Claire hissed.

Lindsay didn't wait for any more information and raced towards the warehouse district. Swearing out loud over and over again she tried to figure out how Jill ended up in the middle of all of it. 

" Shit! What were you two up to!?" she yelled out loud remembering Jill's comment from the night before. Jill had in her own way been giving her a clue and she had missed it. Furiously she pressed down on the accelerator. Brian Cranson, Ed's partner. He had rode in the ambulance with Ed!? No wonder they could never get ahead of Valdez! Cranson had been tipping him off for years!?

Lindsay's knuckles were white on the steering wheel as she approached the dock. She radioed for backup and wished again that Jacobi was not on vacation. A sick knot had developed in the pit of her stomach. If he harmed one hair on her head- Lindsay blinked hard and forced herself not to think about it.Grimfaced, she stepped from her car and listened to the sound of sirens in the distance. Cranson would hear them soon. Lindsay pulled out her gun and began trotting towards the warehouse. The long legged Texan was momentarily frozen as gunfire erupted inside. In sheer panic she raced recklessly into the warehouse yelling Jill's name.

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