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wmc Families Ch 15

title:        Families
pairing:         jill and lindsay
rating:        18 yrs
disclaimer:     I own no part of this pairing or club   

Jill smiled faintly at Fong as she ducked under the yellow tape and walked towards the official group surrounding one very dead Hector Valdez.  The blonde took a steadying breath and caught Lindsay's eye.  The brunette raised an eyebrow and walked over to her, shielding Jill's view of the body. Claire watched the two momentarily from her spot crouched over Valdez. Nobody else would pick up on the protective stance Lindsay had taken. Claire smiled realizing the subtle gestures had been going on for awhile and she had just missed them. Lindsay had become a self designated bodyguard for one Jill Bernhardt and Jill wasn't even aware of it. Claire was happy for her, Jill needed that pampering whether she knew it or not.

" So, it's really Valdez? "  Jill frowned.

" He must have died quickly and not that long ago. The cigarette butts are fresh. "  Lindsay nodded.

" Why didn't you wake me?"

" Because you need the sleep. Besides, I figured you'd be called in soon enough."

" Is Claire ok? " Jill frowned making eye contact with her favourite medical examiner.

" Seems to be. Don't worry, I've been keeping an eye on her."  Lindsay smiled.

The three women stood watching as the body bag was lifted. An array of emotions engulfed them. Lindsay was relieved he was no longer going to be harassing Jill. Claire stood wondering if the man she believed responsible for putting Ed in a wheelchair was finally paying for what he had done. Jill crossed her arms against the cool night's air and glanced at her lover and prayed Lindsay was safe. Grimly, she watched Vivian Valdez and her two sons arrive on the scene. The woman's wail shattered the relative silence of the night on the obscure look off point. The trio braced themselves as Vivian focused on them and turned her outrage on them. One more time, Lindsay stepped forward blocking the woman's path towards her friends. Jill stared at the ground and silently listened to the hatred she was spewing. As she raised her head, she gazed at the youngest Valdez boy and was startled to see his eyes locked on her.  He looked almost apologetic. The blonde swallowed and wondered how much he was expected to handle; two brothers and his father. Then there was the other brother.

" You bitches better find the bastard before I do! "

" Take your mother home. She doesn't need to see this."  Lindsay frowned.

" You're going to sweep it under the rug aren't you?! You cops are all the same! Acting like judge and jury! You ain't any better than us! "  Michael spat as his brother put his arm around his mother.

" You're all to blame! First my boy! Now Hector?! What 's to become of me?! " Vivian screamed.

" Mrs. Valdez, please. Your son, take him home. He doesn't need to see any of this."  Jill said softly.

" I'm fine." Ric said in a firm voice.

" You will all pay. Each and everyone of you! " Michael shouted as thry were herded towards their car.

Jill rubbed her neck and read the information over and over again.  Cindy sailed into her office and plopped a cup of coffee down on her desk which the blonde picked up and began sipping without taking her eyes off the file.  Cindy's lips quirked and she went around the desk to read over the blonde's shoulder.

" Cindy Loo, you are not suppose to see legal documents pertaining to current cases."

" Yeah yeah, now what does it say?" she asked and Jill grinned.

" Valdez had a huge bank account, more than he could have earned as a janitor in ten life times."

" Well, we knew he was fronting a drug ring."  Cindy mused.

" He wasn't smart enough."  Jill frowned.

" Any ideas?"  the redhead asked sitting on the desk.

Jill shook her head as Lindsay came in. Lindsay immediately greeted Cindy then swiped the paper coffee cup out of Jill's hand, took a quick drink from it then handed it back before settling herself on the arm of the blonde's chair. Jill glanced up at the brunette's tight expression then took another sip of coffee.

" Ballistics are back. We've got a match."  she frowned.

" Great! "  Cindy exclaimed.

" Why do I get the feeling that this isn't good."  Jill sighed.

" The same gun was used to shoot Det. Edward Washburn."  Lindsay said swallowing hard.

Jill's eyes closed.  Cindy let out a long slow breath. Without a word, Jill got to her feet and pulled on her suit jacket as Lindsay stood up and Cindy slid down off of the desk. The three headed for the door only to be brought up short by Tom's arrival.

" Hey, where are you all going?! Linds, I need to talk to you."

" Later."

" Where are you three going?!" he scowled.

" Claire's office." they replied distractedly and in unison.

Claire eyed her friends silently knowing they had heard.  Sighing, she leaned back in her chair and stared at Jill and Cindy as Lindsay hugged her.

" So, we can safely assume that Valdez did not put a bullet in my husband although he was involved."

" He definitely knew his killer."  Lindsay frowned.

" Have you told Ed?"  Cindy asked.

" Not yet. Tonight maybe. "   Claire frowned.

" Cindy and I were thinking we could take the boys to a football game tonight. Weren't we Cindy."  Jill said quickly.

" There's no game tonight.  Ow!! "  Cindy winced then caught on, " Baseball game actually."

Claire exchanged looks with Lindsay and they both smiled. Claire hugged the two younger women then said,

" I love you. Pick them up around seven."

Cindy rolled her eyes as Jill paid for the hotdogs and sodas. Both boys were now decked out in shirts and baseball caps promoting the Giants. Smirking she watched the blonde part the crowd so they could get to their seats. Impressed, she vowed to take the blonde shopping at Thanksgiving time.  Nate made it his responsibility to explain who was who on the home team.  Cindy chuckled and doubted if Jill cared. The blonde looked a million miles away. Cindy followed her friend's gaze to where Cranson sat a few rows back. Grimly, she forced herself to keep the mood light for the boys' sakes. 

Ed sat expressionless as Lindsay and Claire filled him in on the latest development.  He wasn't really surprised.  Claire was emotionally drained. He and Lindsay talked while she sat and listened. Claire felt numb. So many old feelings were resurfacing, all the fear of that day, the pain and rage. She took her cues from her husband. Ed was accepting the news far better than she had. He was asking questions like a cop, more interested than affected.

" I should be going. " Lindsay murmured looking at the time.

" Stay, the girls will be back soon. "  Claire answered.

" Ah, so now I know why they suddenly had a hunger for baseball." Ed chuckled appreciating the effort.

The foursome could be heard even before the door opened. Jill carried Nate in who looked both exhausted and exhuberant at the same time. Jill just looked exhausted and flopped down in a chair with Nate attached to her like a baby possum. Lindsay grinned enjoying the sight of the attorney being all maternal.  Jill would have killed anyone who pointed out how soft she was with Claire's
kids but they all knew she was wrapped around their finger. The time spent living with them had cemented an already strong bond created by many stints as a babysitter. As for Nate, the later he could stay up the better, so he had no intention of leaving Jill's arms. Claire, however, had other ideas and had them headed upstairs. Lindsay smiled and made room for Cranson who had come inside with the girls. Silently, Ed eyed the group then glanced towards the stairs as Claire returned.

" Thank you for taking them. Nate is over the moon."
" It was a fantastic game." Jill replied.
" The Giants lost." Cindy sighed shaking her head at the blonde.
" Still, it was a fantastic game. That Rodriquez fellow!? Cute! "  Jill said saucily.

Lindsay's eyebrows disappeared into her hairline and Claire laughed for the first that day. Lindsay gave Jill a look and the blonde winked. Reddening, Lindsay knew the blonde was in one of her moods. Jill never even argued when Cindy suggested they all head home.  Cranson followed them out and said he'd follow in his car.

" Claire seemed good when we got there." Jill shouted from the bed while she waited for Lindsay to come out of the bathroom.

" Ed took it pretty calmly. That definitely helped. Not like when it first happened." Lindsay replied coming out.

Jill smirked and eyed the Yankees baseball shirt Lindsay was wearing. Spinning her finger she grinned as Lindsay turned obediantly and she could read the name on the back of the shirt.

" Rodriquez."  Jill mused teasingly.

" Hey, are you playing for the other team again?" Lindsay demanded as she climbed onto the bed.

" Hell no. I must say though Inspector, you do look good in a uniform." Jill murmured kissing her.

" Are we role playing?"

" Something about the pinstripes just turns me on. C'mon Boxer, your chance to get a touchdown."

" Jill, that's football." Lindsay snorted only to go silent as Jill pulled back the covers revealing she was wearing nothing.

" Whatever, touchdown, homerun.. you're still going to score. Now c'mere." Jill grinned pulling her down.
He was tired. It had been a long twenty four hours. Pouring a glass of bourbon he loosened his tie and cocked his head as the doorbell rang. With a grunt he took a deep drink of the bourbon then opened the door. They eyed each other silently then he stepped aside.

" Right on time. Time to start paying up." he smirked.

" I could only get ten thousand."

" Vivian, we had a deal. I would kill Hector and you would give me fifty thousand."

" We can reach some sort of new deal." she argued desperately.

" I did this as a favor for you."

" I'll get the rest with the insurance money."  Vivian replied.

" I don't know Vivian. That wasn't the deal."

" Please, anything you want." she said evenly.

He sat down and finished his drink and eyed Hector Valdez's widow. She didn't have to know that he was going to kill him anyway. His smirk grew as she removed her top. She wasn't half bad for a woman her age, his age. He watched as she dropped to her knees in front of him. Silently he put his gun on the table then leaned back.

" Maybe you can convince me, hmm?"

Vivian nodded and reached for his belt then his fly.

" I know how to please a man."

" Hector didn't think so." he said huskily.

" Hector was a pig." she said with a hiss.

"Interesting choice of words Viv." he chuckled putting his badge alongside his gun.

" Cranson, I'll make it worth it."  she promised.

Cranson fisted her hair and gazed towards the window. A smirk covered his face. He had killed her son, then her husband.  Maybe he should have kept him alive just to be his audience for this. Chuckling, he forced Vivian to the floor and worked her clothes off.

" You're going to be spending a lot of time with me to pay off this debt mama." he grunted

" You know you want me- I've seen you watching me over the years-" she hissed.

Much later, Cranson lit a cigarette and watched as Vivian picked up her clothes. The woman turned and looked at him as he beckoned her over. Silently she sank down on the edge of the bed.

" You were wasted on Hector."

" Cranson."

" I'll call you. Not tonight." he said offering her a puff of his cigarette. Vivian smiled in relief and handed it back to him. Cranson kissed her hard and copped a feel.

" Go home Viv." he ordered absently.

Once the door closed, Cranson rose and went to the window. He watched her get in her car, Hector's car. Chuckling, he figured banging his former partner's woman was somehow poetic. And when he got tired of her or she got uppity, he'd just do to her what he had done to Hector. In the meantime, she was serving a purpose. Stubbing out his cigarette, Cranson checked the time. He could still catch a couple of hours sleep before he was needed at the station. They were all idiots. It didn't matter if they were Hector or Tom, none of them could even begin to imagine how smart he was. There were a few loose ends then it would be clear sailing.

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